Thursday, March 8, 2012

Decorative Trays

I picked up these 2 trays at Target a couple months ago.  I knew I wanted to style them up but it took a little while to decide what I wanted to do with them.
 I'm pretty sure I got the silver one on clearance for $5!

I have a lot of chandelier decor so I knew I wanted do something coordinating.  So I turned to my 'Wall Decor' Cricut cartridge, and found this cute chandelier.  I cut it out on paper first to get the sizing and placement right, then I slapped it on using some basic black vinyl.  Cute huh?!

With the black tray, I couldn't decide on 3 keys or 1 one big key with flourish.  My 4 year old decided we should do 3 keys :)  I found them on the Cricut 'Sentimentals' cartridge.  It was impossible to see the grey vinyl through the transfer tape against a black background so I ended up having to rip these up and re-cut them a couple times, not fun!  So if anyone has any tips on getting stuff perfectly straight, I'm all ears!

And here are the final products!  I love them!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rainbow Party

From Easter until August, I'm on hiatus from life.  Which is really difficult when you have a full time job, a little girl who is growing up way too fast, a husband, a household to take care of, family and friends who want attention (sorry guys).  I had a little over 12 weeks of planning.  And I still didn't get through my 'wish list', despite countless hours spent making and remaking lists and timelines.

Invitations.  This is where 32 of those hours were spent.  That's a part time job!  I cut all the pieces on the Cricut.  I used the Once Upon A Princess cartridge for the rainbow and the Sentimentals cart for the 'you're invited'.  I glittered the sun and clouds, used glitter puff paint for the letters, glitter painted the rainbow and put everything together, using glue dots for a little pop. 

I designed this on a road trip, using Pages for iPad.  Pretty nice program for little projects like this.

The decorations.  The poms alone took 12.5 hours, not in the same sitting, obviously.
   I made the banner using the Cricut, easily a 2 hour project.

I made these pinwheels pretty far in advance and then didn't know what to do with them.  Next time I will plan the decorating phase a little better.  The morning of the party I boxed everything up, carried it downstairs and just threw it up wherever it made sense.  I did have lots of Jones Soda bottles with pinwheels and star batons strewn about, but I didn't get good pics of those.

I cut out all these extra little stars that I then sewed together to make garland.  I draped them over everything!

The husband made the balloon arch.  He spent a couple hours the night before, blowing up balloons (and was STILL full of hot air).  We used a balloon arch strip from Party City to tie the balloons to, then anchored it to the wall with Command hooks.

A close up of the 'Treats' table.  The kids got to fill up their treat bags at the end of the party.

The food.  I didn't get a lot of pictures of the food.  Here's the line up: red velvet cake pops, vegan (kind of) red velvet cupcakes, red velvet brownies, lemon cheesecake bars, cake batter rice krispie treats, chocolate dipped Oreos, cupcake kabobs, sprinkle dipped marshmallows...

The activity.   I didn't get a good picture of the favors.  I cut out favor boxes using the Cricut and had the kids decorate them.  Here's a picture of the adults doing the dirty work for the kids (which ALWAYS seems to happen).  Pretty sure this was when the kids were running figure 8's through 2 very large rooms.  Did we care, or try to stop them?  Nope.  We were too busy crafting!

We made glitter play dough for everyone to take home, using this recipe. It was pretty quick and easy and made a lot.  Be careful not to under-cook it though or it wont form, and will turn into a gooey mess.

The Cake.  The 6 layer cake.  I LOVED these girls standing there holding hands, waiting for the cake cutting.
 I practiced this cake 3 times and at the last minute, I completely changed it up.  I used a coconut cake recipe I've had for years, I have no idea where I got it.  I used the 7 minute frosting recipe mixed with coconut, for the filling, and iced it with cream cheese frosting.  It was pretty delicious.  Next time I'll find a different base for the coconut filling. I used the gel food coloring set in basic, it really did make great colors.

The gift table.  Again with the poms and pinwheels.

The mess.
And here's my sweet birthday girl.  Where have the past 4 years gone?!
Dress made by Nicole Katowich.

What's the best themed party you've ever thrown or been to?

Monday, June 27, 2011


I was home with a sick kid today so I decided to make pinwheels.  SO cute & easy! 
I found the tutorial here.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Office Re-do

The husband was in serious need of a home office upgrade.  He's an IT guy for crying out loud and he was working from this girly ladder desk!  Yuck!

Second monitor on a Rubbermaid tote!


After an out of town trip to IKEA, and TWO car loads later, this is what we ended up with.

 We still need to figure out a cord management system, but it's a serious upgrade!  Lots of work space!

Every room needs a kids wall.  I had Punkie paint black canvas.  Tutorial coming soon on the super cute art hanger!

I love the contrast of the grey on white.

The paint is Valspar 'Mountain Pass' from Lowe's.  
The desk is from IKEA.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Craft Room Makeover

My favorite thing about this house when we first started looking at it, was this cute little 'retreat' off the master bedroom.  You can only get to it through our bedroom and the big master closet is in it, so naturally, it became my craft room!  It was the last room in the house to get unpacked but that allowed me lots of time to plan it out!


MESSY desk area, unpacked boxes, lots of stuff laying around. NO storage. (my closet to the left)

My 'craft table', just a folding table to put stuff on so it doesn't sit on the floor, even though that's where most of it ended up


Punkie's Crafting Corner

It's a work in progress, but the kind of work in progress I'm up to!

I'm open to any organizational tips!

Bonus points if you don't know me and can tell what kind of party I'm working on!